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60 Heartbeats

World stage design 2013 (Cardiff, UK) - Nemesis Prize at MarteLive 2011 (Roma, Italy)

A collaboration with Arena del Sole Nuova Scena - Teatro stabile di Bologna

[Coreography and direction: Mario Coccetti]

[Multimedia scenography: Sara Caliumi]

[Light Designer: Paolo Bonapace]

[Original music: Andrea Rizzi]

[Costumes: Cristina Gamberini]

“I grew up thinking that to each job corresponds a proper commitment, to commitment one effort, to effort one reward and to reward personal satisfaction.”



60HB is not only about the topic of job, it is about a deep analysis of human thoughts, human needs, of how far we are willing to force ourselves to go to reach the right place in the social chessboard. This opera is born to be looked at and to be listened to, letting oneself go into one's emotions and opinions: signs, shapes and lights are in a dialogue with moving bodies who design the space.

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