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[Original music and direction: Andrea Rizzi]
[Choreography: Mario Coccetti]
[Light interferences and video editing: Sara Caliumi]
[Set design: Fabrizio Molducci]
[Make up: Viviana Cappelli]

Dopo la tempesta is a dreamlike musical play, whose origin is a reflection over human nature.

Shakespeare’s play is reworked and shattered in suggestions and free thoughts about the life time in which a man feels the need to face once and for all with his fears.

Using choreographic scores, turning thought into gestures, and original musics, melting classic and electronic canons, the human path to redemption is put on focus out of the original verses.

Dopo la tempesta

A collaboration with Museo Civico Archeologico di Bologna,

Ludovico Van and O.T.E.

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