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Dust (Polvere)

Selected at Reverb Dance Festival (New York, USA), Winner at Prospettiva Danza (Padova, Italy).

Teriaca project, sustained by Compagnia della Quarta.

[Choreographer: Mario Coccetti]
[Music and sound creator: Andrea Rizzi]
[Visual Designer: Sara Caliumi]
[Light Designer: Paolo Bonapace]

"Dust covers, dust buries, dust hides from us what we want to get lost.

Forgotten and abandoned things, that’s what, time after time, turned us into something else.

Dust is how we keep in touch with our past, the one we choosed to leave behind us.

Dust is forgotten and still pulsating body and thoughts, coming back to life to escape stillness and turn into air." 


This project is not performed by dancers but by actors, whose gesture is the connection to a real thought, indipendent from aesthetics and dynamics of dance. 


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