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A survey for an unlikely trilogy over contemporary theatre wreck.

A Teriaca Production.

[Ideation and direction: Mario Coccetti]
[Choreography: Patrizia Proclivi e Mario Coccetti]

In Italy, Art is esteemed not more than a tin of tuna.

The difference is not in the different contents of a tin, but in the package that covers it.

At the same way, who produces art doesn't necessarily have to care about the quality of the product itself, but he cares about slogans, forms and colours.

In Italy, if you intend to make art, you must first of all ascertain your own tuna to be exactly identical to others tunas, to avoid to put in any danger people who not only produce tuna, but select it, box it, package it and release it.

Who swims in the opposite direction, as salmons, is a dead fish.

This first choreographic study of the ITALIANOPOLIS project, tells about the everyday reality of a country that turned art into a pure trade and artists into serial products with less rights than soles.

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