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La Domada

Italy-Spain International Choreographic Project. Co-production Harrobia-Eskena. In collaboration with Danza 180° (Madrid).

Sustained by Casa delle Donne against violence, Region of Emilia Romagna, Economy and Production Department of Municipality of Bologna, Banca di Imola Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna, with patronage of Municipality of Bologna.

sponsored by

[Choreography: Patrizia Proclivi e Fernando  Lázaro Dorado]

[Direction:  Mario Coccetti]

[Original music:  Andrea Rizzi]

[Light Design:  Alessio Guerra]

After the "The Taming of the Shrew",

LA DOMADA represents an interpretative turnaround

of William Shakespeare's play, meant to face gender violence;

it portraits its cruel and unjustified side

and draws the frame that proposes a personal point of view.

Dramaturgy, gesture and dance cross and face one each others 

in a common ground, where different languages find a synthesis

and increase their communication power,

by putting together choreographic expression

and original musical score.

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