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From a dishonest and erroneous idea of Patrizia Proclivi.

Final Selection at Direction Festival Fantasio Piccoli (Genova, Italy) , Dance Section Winner at Martelive (Roma, Italy)

[Direction and choreography: Patrizia Proclivi]
[Costumes: Cristina Gamberini]

“Play whit Shakespeare”.

That seems to be a suggestion coming from the ironic and irriverent direction of TravesTitania: a funny and unexpected homage to some of the greatest Shakespeare’s masterchiefs: A midsummer night’s dream and Romeo and Juliet, performed now, as the tradition demands, only by men.

Four actor/dancers filter, mix and play with the rhymes of the Bard, performing physical and vocal scores, resulting in an incredible and surprising work that challenges the performers themselves with original and astonishing vocal artifices and unexpected physical strength.


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