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Compagnia della Quarta is an artistic project, active in theatre and culture, gathering artists, languages and ideas to create a meeting point where to propose a common vision about art.


Every activity, from dramaturgy elaborations to staging researches, is focused on the human being, origin and objective of all our explorations. Existential questionings about life, death, ethic, justice, social relationships, loneliness, absolute and relative have no meaning if they don't come from a human being, looking in his own dignity for an answer.


At the core of our works, we put a topic to share and to face, by raising questions to stimulate criticism and personal consciousness in the audience. We look for the necessary narrative strength in the lightness of a direct, ironic and comprehensible language, meant to be inclusive rather than exclusive.


Music and silence, dance and gesture, light and shadow, dramaturgy and technology are means and tools to express our philosophy, being, by their own nature, reflections of man's existence and of his unavoidable evolution.

Who we are

Mario Coccetti

Artistic direction

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Andrea Rizzi

Musical direction

Patrizia Proclivi


Valentina Bressanin


Sara Caliumi

Visual Design

Fabrizio Molducci

Foreign relationships

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